Anna Maria Mazzieri - Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

Soft Tissue Therapist MISRM CNHC Reg.


Since the very day I qualified in Massage Therapy in 2002 I joined the Exmouth Chiropractic Clinic, complementing the existing team of Chiropractors and  rehabilitation instructors  by offering integrated Massage based treatments for muscular-skeletal injuries. This environment advanced my clinical knowledge on joint and movement assessment and demonstrated the benefits of proactive collaboration between related disciplines in achieving real long term positive results. This experience was influential in determining both my business and teaching ethos which is underpinned by the drive to achieve real integrated professional practice where focus is put on Health and not disease where we provide evidence based treatments where applicable, and certainly outcome based practice and where the client is at the centre of its own rehabilitation process. As a result of sustained organic growth, in 2008 I expanded this concept of integrated health care by establishing The Massage Clinic  a centre where clients are looked after by a multidisciplinary team in a modern and professional environment.

My approach takes into consideration the complete picture of the human form, its anatomical structure, its function, its movement potential as well as the psycho social element which influences pain and reduction of quality of life. As a therapist my treatments aim ultimately to encourage pain free and fluid movement for improving qualifty of life. I use a different varyety of approaches on and off the massage table including massage, fascial work, manual techniques, assisted stretching and movement strategies to help my client achieve THEIR objectives. My interventions are fundamentally based on the Anatomy Trains concepts of Fascial continuity and extensively use their fascial techniques methodology as a soft tissue manual intervention, I also use the Gait Analysis as an assessment tool followed by movement education and/or rehabilitation based on evidence informed approaches.

In terms of teaching I try to bring critical discussions into our classroom and encourage evidence based thinking and its application in clinical practice. Professionally i do attend a variety of CPD courses a year to keep uptodate my training includes:

- Diploma in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy (BTEC level 5)

- BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy

- Anatomy Trains courses

- Anatomy in Motion

two courses which really enriched and changed my thinking process were

- Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) taught by Alena Kobesova MD from the Prague School of Rehabilitation and Manual Therapy. According to its founders Vojta, Lewitt and Janda, control of posture, movement and gait is established mainly during the first few years of life by the Central Nervous System. This control can be assessed and its impairment retrained by understanding and adapting developmental physiology into a rehabilitation program. It is through this course that I have encountered the importance of Breathing as part of Musculo Skeletal function and still use most of their principles for rehab protocols

- Movement Solutions taught by Mark Comerford PT and Sarah Mottram PT whose work I respect immensely, their principles of rehabilitation suit very much my thinking process. This whole course really developed my clinical reasoning and equipped me with a strong framework for assessment process.

I do committ to every single student and to their individual educational needs like dyslexia, lack of confidence, different learning model etc however I am a strong advocate of independent learning and at The School we encourage sefl sufficiency.